Getting a photo of a fox in the wild really makes my day, seeing these beautiful animals out in the open fields gives me a huge thrill. Taking a great photo of a fox is tough at the best of times but having two terriers in tow makes it almost impossible. If the boys are running free they will take off after the fox and I won’t see them for the next hour or two. The thing is to get lucky, see the fox before them, leash them quickly and then try and sneak up on the fox without him seeing you, not that easy. If the fox is hunting for food you are much more likely to get a couple of photos before he senses something’s up and is off. Below are some pictures I’ve taken over the last few days of a young fox while he was out looking for food. Some are grainy because the light was pretty bad and it’s tricky shooting with a wide aperture on a long lens with one hand and of course it doesn’t help when you have two dogs pulling at your other arm trying to get after the fox. Sometimes I’ll be very lucky and get a sharp photo and be amazed at the result, it’s a miracle I say. Thanks Branston and Pickles for staying still for 250th of a second.