All good terriers love digging and my two are no exception. I watch them as the smell of something down a hole drives them crazy, nothing can distract them when they are digging. Their front feet frantically scratching away at the earth, their jaws ripping at the roots trying to get to the prey. Mice or Voles? I’m not sure but after 20 minutes they are nowhere nearer getting their breakfast and I drag them away because I am beginning to feel hungry myself. Maybe it’s because we’ve been out walking for over an hour or possibly it’s something to do with fact I have been staring at the Common Toadflax plant and it has conjured up a delightful vision of buttery scrambled eggs on toast, mmm, maybe I should add some bacon and grilled tomato. My mouth is starting to water as I drive home contemplating breakfast. The boys, disappointed at not having caught anything today, will just have to do with a slice of bacon each.

Butter-and-Eggs or Common Toadflax