Asiatic Dayflower or Mouse Flower

I was totally surprised when I first found this plant, it was so usual. It felt like I was the first to discover it and thought wouldn’t it be great to have flower named after me. It was really exciting to find this tiny beautiful blue flower (less than half an inch across), it looked so exotic in amongst the wild grasses. I had walked past this particular shady area for years and had not seen this plant before, it was only when, one day, a small ray of sunlight shone on a flower that I found it. Even though I know where to look for them now, it is easy to walk past them unnoticed, but the really interesting thing about them is that the flowers only open for one day, making it even tougher to get a view. ¬†Amazingly, today, I came across another area where these delightful plants are growing, but my first find still rates as a special moment in my life and I remember it well and being taken out of my reverie at the time by Pickles having a pee on the rock behind it.