Pickles is a fearless little hunter and has the typical Napoleon complex associated with Jacks. He will face off with anything but when it comes to loud noises he is off, into the arms of my wife first, me next or under the bed when there is no one else to comfort him. July 4th is no celebration for him, the week long firework fest drives him frantic so, the other night, during the all nighter thunderstorm he was not a happy chappy. He constantly wanted attention, panting into my ear, keeping me awake most of the night, not that you could get much sleep with all the thunder going on.

It is a small but essential thing we do for our pets, trying to keep them calm during a storm, and I feel they give us the same comfort when we get worried. Waking up in the middle of the night with the night demons in my head, the first thing I do is reach out for one of the dogs on the bed and feeling the soft silkiness of an ear I can go back to sleep reassured everything will be alright.

I am always saying aren’t my dogs lucky that they are owned by me, spoiled rotten, their every whim catered for, but now, I think it is the other way round, I am lucky to have them. They are protective and possessive, very demanding and their unconditional love is a constant.

I once saw a pillow with “Happiness is being owned by a Jack Russell” embroidered on it, I wish I’d bought it, because a truer statement couldn’t be made.