About two weeks ago I was told that a pack of seven Coyotes were seen in North Salem. I have come across smaller packs of up to five and have photographed pairs but never a pack this big so I was eager to see if I could get a picture of them all together. I had heard of additional sightings so I drove around for several days looking in the open fields where the Coyotes had been spotted hoping to get a view, but no such luck. Then one hunting morning out with the Golden’s Bridge Hounds I saw a large Coyote leave the woods about two fields away, out of the range of my camera. The Hounds followed but lost him after a few minutes. I wandered down the road where I have seen Coyotes before and waited, hoping to see if this one is going to do a loop. Suddenly a Coyote pops out from the hedge in front of me, crossing the road and into the field opposite, he stops and looks at me, then trots off. I photograph him as he slowly walks along the side of a stone wall. Meanwhile another coyote crosses behind me and all I see is the tail disappearing into the undergrowth, unfortunately no picture. Then across the field, trotting along calmly, comes another Coyote, I get several pictures of him, one with his four legs off the ground. No sooner had he disappeared another one arrived. That was four Coyotes I’d seen in almost as many minutes, all within forty feet of me and, I was told later, another two Coyotes had been seen crossing Route 121. All this was absolutely amazing but to top it all off a young buck took a unbelievable leap over a big rail fence right in front of my eyes. You could definitely say that was my lucky day, maybe I should have rushed out and bought a Lottery Ticket.