These are my constant companions, they are my shadow and they are the reason I am writing this blog. Branston and Pickles are just over nine years old and I have been walking them everyday for that time and have taken a camera out with me on our rambles.  I have shot thousands of photos over these years, landscapes, wildlife, wildflowers and of course lots of pictures of the boys. We have met many dogs on our walks, Zeke, Bella, Laddie, Hudson, Hogan, Abby, Barney, to name just a few, I probably know all the dog’s names and not the owners because that is how we were introduced. During the years I have also learnt the names of the trees and plants I photographed and have been recently studying butterflies, meanwhile the dogs have sniffed every blade of grass, chased rabbits, deer, squirrels and anything that moves including fox and coyote, not something I would encourage. This is their world, their joy, a place of peace and beauty and I’d like to share it with everyone.


I was born in India where my father was in the British Army. Moved to England aged two and was brought up in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. After Grammar School I went to Shrewsbury College of Art to study fine art.

Moved to London and worked as a screen printer, window dresser before going to London College of Printing to study graphic design and advertising.

Was a founder member of the Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency in the late sixties where I designed the world famous Pregnant Man Poster for the Health Education Council. Over the years have won many advertising awards including Gold and Silver at DA&D and Cannes.

Moved to New York in 1990 and worked freelance for several agencies including Ogilvy, BBDO, JWT and Working Class Inc. I am now drawing and painting animal portraits and recently illustrated a gardening book, Embroidered Ground by Page Dickey. I am currently putting together a book called The Foxhunting Photographer and hope to have it finished later this year.


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